RD Concepts serves as the production hub for new electronic products in the security, green and medical sectors.

My customers choose from the following options:

  1. Piece part option, where my customers can engage with any of my partner companies to use individual services. RD Concepts has done the sorting and qualification process for you, saving you time and money in choosing your vendors.
  2. Turnkey option, where customers can engage RD Concepts as their single point of contact for production. Turnkey clients have a product designed and built using all the resources from my line card that apply to the specific product.

Regardless of the option chosen, RD Concepts engages with the customer, reviews the project, gets quotes from the appropriate vendors, sets the vendors up in the customer’s system, manages the builds, and ensures that a quality product is delivered on time.

My approach minimizes the amount of hand-holding the customer needs to do and ensures minimal delays and mistakes through the production process.

RD Concepts offers:

  • Product Design: Electrical, electromechanical, enclosure and full cosmetic product design from concept to completion.
  • Electrical Design: Schematic capture, layout, PCB/PCBA (OrCAD, Allegro, Mentor, Altium platforms)
  • Mechanical Design: Enclosure design, cabling, plastic tooling, soft tooling.
  • Product Development: Cosmetic product design, rapid prototyping, QTA, PCB/PCBA, electromechanical assembly, box builds and testing.
  • Manufacturing: Top level: Full or consignment contract manufacturing
  • Individual commodities: PCB/PCBA, sheet metal, machining, Injection molding, vacuum and pressure forming, cable and Harness assembly and test.
  • Fulfillment/Warranty/Depot Repair: Packaging, shipping, logistical support, warranty repairs and testing.

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