As owner and CEO of RD Concepts, I welcome you to my website and invite you to peruse my offering.

I have been involved in electronic manufacturing since 1985, when I joined Golden Technology in Santa Rosa. I learned printed circuit board manufacturing from the ground up, working in every department to understand what went into board manufacturing and all the steps it took to build the product.

My 3 year stint with GT included production manager, QA manager, DoD interface and Mil-P-55110 certification lead.

After GT was lost in a fire, I moved to the Bay Area and joined Sigma Circuits. I spent 10 years with the company, 3 in manufacturing/QA and 7 in sales, where Gene Napier at Litton Industries coined my new title, “Sales Engineer” — the first such role in the Valley.

When Sigma was sold, I formed Gamut Associates, a very successful rep company selling boards, sheet metal, cables and assembly services. This was the gateway to greatly increasing my product knowledge and technical sales abilities. It also was a great opportunity to work with a number of local companies, many of which are now on the RD Concepts line card.

From 2006 – 2011 I worked for two Chinese PCB manufacturers and spent time in China learning their business models and culture. I still have relationships in Asia, but I am very clear that working for the Chinese is not something I am willing to do; I prefer to compete with them.

With a deep pool of engineering and manufacturing expertise on which to draw, I formed RD Concepts as the sales and marketing arm of a group of local manufacturers. I really enjoy collaborating with the best manufacturers I’ve known for the last 20-25 years to make cutting-edge products for the smart and talented people who are envisioning them.

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